We Build

We are a diverse team of 22 full-stack developers and designers with a wealth of experience. Clout Software is located in Trondheim, Kjøpmannsgata 59, and at StartupLabs in Oslo.

We are here for the long run. We invest in our partners, take part in their journey and aim for the same goals.

What we do

We love challenging ourselves and learning new things. That is why we have a wide array of projects, including making websites and apps, data visualization, payment systems, remote pipeline runners, big data platforms and optimizing machine learning algorithms.

These projects are created with a select few modern technologies such as React, Tailwind CSS, Firebase, Google Cloud (Cloud Functions, Map), Python, C++ and Algolia.

Our process
Rapid prototyping

Together with our clients, we get a better overview of the project and its possibilities by starting off with a prototype.

Friendly negotation

We always seek to make mutually beneficial deals by having a negotiation process fueled by friendliness and goodwill.

Continuous communication

Throughout the project we ensure agile development by continuously communicating and meeting with our clients.


Schedule a meeting at one of our offices or a video meeting by sending a mail to management@clout.software